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Don't Forget the Groom

Photo courtesy of Kristina Lynn Photography

The wedding is in many ways the bride’s special day. She has likely chosen the color scheme and the décor arrangements as well as picked out the dress of her dreams. The bride is the center of attention during the ceremony as friends and family come from all over to see her walk down the aisle to join hands with the man she loves most in the world.

And yet, it is important to remember as the bride that the man you love most in the world is also living out one of his lifetime dreams. Your wedding day is also his, and while he may take a back seat when it comes to choosing colors and flowers, you want to give him a voice and feel valued on the wedding day.

Here are just some tips to reminding your groom that you value his opinion, and that it wouldn’t be the best day of your life without him:

· Ask him to pick your first dance song.

· Get his input on whether he would prefer more dancing or more wedding games.

· If you have a musical side, consider writing a song to your groom to sing during the speeches or to play as the melody for your last dance.

· Ask him to share with you some songs he would like the DJ to play during the dance hour.

· Arrange for a personalized gift to be given to your groom on your behalf before the ceremony.

· Ask him if he would like to take part in the wedding planning in any way. Perhaps, he would like to be in charge of obtaining the marriage license, booking the wedding night hotel, or arranging an inspiration song list for your DJ.

· Provide a brief slot in the timeline for you and your groom to retreat alone after the ceremony to be together and take in the moment. This would be a great opportunity to give him your personalized gift as well.

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