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Entertainment for Your Reception

Photo courtesy of Emma J Settle Photography

Your wedding reception should be exactly what you and your groom want it to be.

Whether your vision is chill and casual, or upbeat and rocking on the dance floor, here are a few entertainment ideas for your reception.

A flower bar is a beautiful and relaxing activity to provide for your guests during the reception! You can DIY your own flowers for the bar, or ask a florist to assemble one for you. Guests can then create small keepsake bouquets during the reception to take home with them! This is a perfect way to provide creative guest favors as well.

This is a super fun activity for you and your guests! The reception is often full of hustle and bustle for the bride and groom as they try to engage with all of their guests, even for a few seconds. However, the Mission Impossible Photo Challenge provides the perfect activity to get a picture with every guest!! The challenge involves the bride and groom getting a photo at each table within a 3 minute limit to the tune of the “Mission Impossible” theme. Great way to laugh with your loved ones!

Bridesmaids/Groomsmen Dance

If you want to get the dance floor rocking, have the bridal party perform their own number! The bridesmaids can pull off their own dance routine followed by the groomsmen, or combine both groups to get the party started. You and your groom can enjoy sharing the spotlight with your best buds!

This is a fun and casual activity to have at your reception! Find a DJ that also provides photo booth services so you and your guests can enjoy taking photos together at leisure. Professional pictures also make for great guest favors!


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