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Happy Tea Day to You!

Tea is so much more than a hot beverage.

Tea offers health benefits, calms the body, and invokes wonderful memories. The soul relaxes when tea is being served, and good company is being shared.

Today is International Tea Day, which was first observed in New Delhi in 2005. International Tea Day reminds us of tea’s cultural and economic significance, while also promoting activities in favor of its sustainable production and consumption to bring awareness to its importance in fighting hunger and poverty.

What are some neat facts about tea?

1. China is the world’s leading exporter and producer of tea.

2. Turkey is the largest consumer of tea—individuals in Turkey consume 1,300 cups annually!

3. At Historic Rosemont, we serve tea to nearly 2,000 guests each year, and pour over 12,000 cups annually!

We love sharing our passion for good quality tea at Historic Rosemont. We take pride in our beautifully crafted tea blends and food pairings, and we strive to make your afternoon tea experience with us a memorable and uplifting event. Check out our tea schedule to stay updated on our public tea dates!

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