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When Parents Doth Protest Too Much

Photo courtesy of Love and Grace Photography

Being a bride is sometimes a hard job.

You are so excited to marry the love of your life, and yet there are so many details that need your attention: choosing the photographer, finding the best gluten free catering options, surfing the web for the wedding dress of your dreams, mailing out invitations, etc.

But, what do you do if you have a parent/parents with more opinions than you can count? Your mother wants your wedding dress to be a ball gown with no V-neck, or your father insists that there be an open bar. Perhaps, your mother thinks your man talks too much, or your father questions how much the groom’s job can provide for/contribute to you financially. Maybe your mother cannot imagine a wedding without inviting every acquaintance from the past decade, or your father refuses to sit at the same table as the groom’s parents.

Another endless list.

Bride-to-be, whatever the scenario, we want to remind you that your wedding day is exactly that—your wedding day. It is always important to consider the desires of others, but ultimately, you are choosing who you will spend the rest of your life with, and what the first day of your married life will look like. Extend love and respect to the voices around you, but allow for healthy boundaries with parents so you and your groom can enjoy your special day.

Additionally, consider hiring a wedding planner to assist with your wedding. At Rosemont, our wedding planners can run interference for family members who are stressing you out, thus eliminating much of the stress and capturing your wedding vision to the best extent possible.

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