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9 Tips for Attending a Bridal Show

Bridal shows are coming back in a big way this year, and we’re excited to be part of the fun. A bridal show is a great way to kick off your vendor search and find inspiration for your wedding day. Nowhere else can you meet multiple vendors face-to-face all in one location. Florists, photographers, DJs, travel agents, dress boutiques, caterers, and various other wedding professionals attend bridal shows to highlight their services. You’ll also snag a swag bag full of goodies, and vendors sometimes offer discounts and prizes exclusive to the event.

While attending various bridal shows, whether it’s as a vendor or hosting our own, we’ve collected tips and tricks you need to know before going to a show.

Pre-Register for the Bridal Show

Pre-registering for a bridal show often means you’ll pay less than those getting a ticket at the door. At Rosemont’s upcoming bridal show you’ll save 40% off your ticket price by purchasing in advance. Pre-registering also means you’ll save time at check-in when you arrive.

Make a Plan

Do you still need a wedding venue, videographer, hair, and makeup artist, or other services? Hop on the bridal show’s event page and check out their list or participating vendors. Jot down the names of anyone you want to talk to while at the event. This way you’ll know which booths to make a priority in case you don’t have time to talk to everyone.

Be Comfortable

You’ll be doing lots of walking, so wear comfortable shoes to the bridal show. Bring along a bottle of water as well, since you’ll be talking a lot throughout the day. Even though you will have access to lots of cake and appetizer-sized catering samples, make sure to eat breakfast before heading out for the show. This way you’re not hangry and scarfing down hors d’oeuvres without really taking time to taste what you’re eating.

Bring Your Partner to the Bridal Show

Take your partner, mom, maid of honor, or close friend with you to the show. It’s good to have a second option on things like food samples, bridesmaid dress colors, and other decisions you’re not quite sure about. However, don’t feel like you have to bring your entire entourage with you. The event will be full of people, and possibly crowded. Having a large group will make it more difficult to get around.

Have Labels or Cards

Vendors will ask you for your information, whether you are entering to win a prize or if you want them to send you more information. Instead of filling out your name and contact info over and over again, create a label or card with all of your credentials. It will make the process quick and easy, and save your hand strength in the process. Information to put on your card or label can include:

  1. Your name and your partner’s name

  2. Email address

  3. Telephone number

  4. Wedding date

  5. Approximate guest count

Take Notes and Pictures

You aren’t going to remember details from every vendor you speak to at the bridal show. Instead of trying later to recall which florist had the stunning display of calla lilies, or which baker gave you a sample of to-die-for chocolate cake, take notes while you’re at the show. Pictures will also help you remember which vendors caught your eye.

Check out the Fashion Show

Just about every bridal show will feature a fashion show toward the end of the event. Check out what’s trending for wedding gowns, tuxedos, suits, and bridesmaid dresses. Talk to the boutique that provided the attire for the show if you see something that catches your eye.

Stay for the Door Prizes

Door prize giveaways sometimes take place after the fashion show. Stick around to see if you won. Prizes can include gift cards, a basket full of goodies, and deep discounts on services. After the show, you’ll also get a chance to talk with more vendors as other attendees are leaving for the day.

Follow Up After the Bridal Show

Take a look at the notes, photos, and flyers you collected during the bridal show. Reach out to vendors that caught your attention. If you’re seriously considering booking a wedding pro you met at the show, contact them sooner rather than later to ensure you can book them on your wedding date.

Join us for our upcoming bridal show, “Love is in the Air” on Sunday, April 3rd from noon to 4 pm.

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