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Should I Have Kids at My Wedding?

Photo courtesy of Barbara O Photography

This question is a big one for many engaged couples.

Wondering whether or not to have kids at your wedding is especially hard to decide if several of your friends have small children. You want your friends to feel welcome and comfortable on your big day, but you don’t know how you can cover all the extra catering costs. You may also be feeling guilty about the inconvenience you will cause your friends if they will need to find a babysitter to watch their kids.

We have some ideas for you.

· Permit only close friends and family to bring children.

· Permit parents to bring only babies/small toddlers so that you can exclude them from the catering count as they will likely share their mom or dad’s meal.

· Address your invitations specifically to the parents, not the family. You can also include a small note on the invitation letting your guests know how much you love their kids, but that you can only accommodate a certain guest count.

· Allow only children involved in the wedding party (flower girl, ring bearer, your own kids).

· Hire a babysitter or two for the wedding reception, and have a kid’s reception in the bridal/groom suite with pizza and games/toys/movies brought from home.

Whichever way you decide to answer the question of kids at your wedding, remember that there are so many avenues you can consider. Ultimately, make the decision that best suits your budget and the desires of both you and your fiancé.


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