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A Home Away from Home

Photo courtesy of The Portrait Lady Photography

Brides want their wedding day to be personable—to speak to who they are, and to the special man they have chosen to marry. Many brides want their wedding to feel like home away from home.

So, how do you give your wedding a homey feel? We have some tips for you!

1. Consider a weekend wedding celebration where you and your loved ones can get away for a few days to celebrate your special day and spend time together as a family! Rosemont offers weekend wedding packages for our manor brides that provide lodging on site along with breakfast in the morning.

2. Decorate your space with photographs of you as a couple as well as family members, or even have a remembrance table for those you wish could be there! At Rosemont, our manor venue works so well with this as brides have placed personal photos and memorabilia throughout the foyer and dining room area. Additionally, our Springs location has a beautiful mantelpiece—perfect for placing couple photographs!

3. Consider allotting time for an open mic during the speeches. This is a great way to give extended family and friends an opportunity to share their love with the couple on their special day.

4. Have a dessert table. Let the bakers in the family provide their famous dessert dishes!

5. Ask close family and friends to wear your wedding colors. This is a special way to include loved ones who you want to recognize in some way, but who are not part of the bridal party.

6. Choose buffet style! Going the buffet route is often not only less expensive, but also provides an intimate way for your guests to fellowship and enjoy time together.

7. Create personal guest favors. If you have more time on your hands while wedding planning, or even a year or more out wedding date, see if you can craft simple, but personal gift favors for each guest. For instance, a treat of some sort with his/her name on it, or a simple name card with alliterations describing what you love most about him/her.

8. Consider a brunch wedding! Have a catered brunch for your wedding meal as a homey way to feed family and friends.

Have more questions about Rosemont? Give our office a call at 540-955-2834, or feel free to email us at

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