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A Time to Rest and Celebrate New Life

Photo courtesy of Tyler Vincent Photography

Holidays can be easily taken for granted by Americans.

We scurry about to buy presents for family before Christmas, only to find ourselves frantically wrapping them all the night before. New Year’s comes and goes before it finally hits us while sitting at our work desk that we are a week into a new year.

“Come and go” is fast becoming, if not already, the reoccurring theme of holidays for Americans. But does it need to be?

Easter is this Sunday. For Christians around the world, it is a time to celebrate the Savior’s resurrection and His victory over sin and death. For others, especially the little ones among us, Easter is when a mysterious character called the “Easter Bunny” makes an appearance at the mall and gives free chocolate. For still others, Easter is just another day to survive life whether that be in working an extra shift to make a bit more dough, sleeping in a bit later to feel human again, or cheating the diet with some chocolate to satisfy the sweet tooth.

However you view Easter, remember that it speaks to rest and new life. It is not a time where you need to be bustling about whether in perfecting the house, getting more done on the to-do list, or even wedding planning. It is a time to lay aside the things we do every day and consider more than the now. It is a time to rest with family; share your hopes and fears with another; and, stop idolizing the busy.

Easter is a time to rest, and celebrate new life.

Happy Easter from all of us at Rosemont to you and your loved ones! And, to our upcoming Rosemont brides, enjoy a day free of wedding hustle and bustle! We can’t wait to celebrate your big day soon.


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