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Adventuring Through Life Together

Photo of Arian and Joe courtesy of Love and Grace Photography

We are blessed at Historic Rosemont to host military couple weddings. Whether it be a groom or a bride serving our country, or even both, we are honored to assist them in solidifying a date and making the big day a day they will cherish forever. We want to highlight two of our past military couples.

Arian and Joe celebrated their special day at the Rosemont Manor on February 24, 2019. Joe has served our country for 22 years. He currently serves as a Naval Cryptologic Warfare Officer. Being a military couple has its blessings and its difficulties.

“The blessed part of being a military couple are the benefits that I am able to extend to Arian, such as medical and dental coverage,” Joe said. He also believes that the unknown adventures the military offers will make their marriage stronger.

The long and uncertain working hours are tough, though. Arian and Joe can find themselves sleeping at different times, and having separate, daily routines. Technology comes in handy when Arian and Joe are separated. “[S]ocial media [helps bring] us closer together,” Joe said.

Jessica and Zack hosted their wedding day at our Rosemont Springs barn on April 30, 2021. Zack went into the Army as an Engineer Officer in spring of 2019, and has been on active duty for the past three years. He is currently stationed in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.

Zack and his bride move often, so they embark on new adventures all the time! Their love for each other is the one consistency in their lives.

Being a military couple has not been easy. Jessica and Zack had to postpone their wedding date three times due to Zack’s leave not being approved. Living 15 hours from family in Virginia has been hard, as well as making new friends wherever they go. The unknown is the biggest challenge. “We never know what to expect[,] and things can change in almost an instant[,] and you have to be okay with it,” Jessica and Zack said.

Arian and Joe, Jessica and Zack, thank you for the numerous ways you have served, and are serving, our country. Your sacrifice, dedication, and courage are an inspiration. May God continue to bless each of your marriages as you continue to adventure through life together.

Photo of Jessica and Zack courtesy of Gray Area Photography

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