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And, the Next Step is...

Photo courtesy of Molly Majher Photography

You’re engaged!! Yay!!

That is where you should start. Congratulations on entering this exciting stage of life!

Now, take a breath and remember that all the wedding planning in the world is not as important as the marriage, itself. You are choosing to spend your life with someone you love dearly, and who loves you to the moon and back. That is the most important checkmark on your wedding planning list.

The next important step is creating a budget with your fiancé. How much are you both willing to spend? Will parents contribute anything?

Then, it’s time to look for vendors—specifically, finding the perfect venue for your special day. Where do you start? First, browse through the venue list for your area on The Knot, or the Wedding Wire. This is such a huge help! You can browse the venues that are closest to you. The cover photos, as well as the names, can you give you a good idea of the feel, and assist in narrowing down the venue with the vibe you want.

Narrow your list down to the best three venues, and then contact them for a tour. Make it a less stressful outing by bringing your fiancé along (he is supposed to be there to support you and help with the wedding planning!!), and grabbing a meal together. Pick the venue that fits in your budget, but at the same time exudes who you are, and what you want for your special day! Don’t let budget restrict you to the point that you are choosing venues and vendors simply because they are in your price range. You can combine your wants and budget. It just takes some searching, and a willingness to ask questions!

At Rosemont, we require our brides to book one of our wedding planners. This is such a huge help, especially for those wanting guidance on how to stay in budget. Your wedding planner can give you advice on how to best minimize costs, while also making it the best day ever.

We know that wedding planning is stressful, and we do not want you to do it alone. Give our office a call at 540-955-2834, or check out our website to find out more about our venue and what we offer.

We are here to help!

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