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Benefits to Using a Preferred Vendor List

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Finding the right wedding vendors isn’t always an easy feat. Searching through pages upon pages of professionals, and then researching each one might not be your idea of a good time. A preferred vendor list can make the process of finding your dream wedding team much simpler.

A preferred vendor list is usually provided by your venue or planner. It is a list of wedding professionals they know and trust. It should include florists, photographers, videographers, bakers, musicians and DJs, transportation, and any other vendors you’ll need for your wedding. A good list will include a variety of professionals in each category that will match your vision and budget.

Below are some reasons to consider using a preferred vendor list.

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Save Time with a Preferred Vendor List

There are a lot of choices when it comes to selecting your wedding team, and the process can feel overwhelming. Searching for one vendor yields hundreds of results. How do you know which ones are truly in your budget, and which ones are familiar with your venue?

Choosing from a preferred list saves you from decision fatigue and cuts down on hours of searching. Instead of blindly combing through Google, you get a vetted list straight from your venue or planner.

By selecting your wedding team from a list you don’t have to guess if a vendor is reliable or familiar with your venue. These professionals have been to your venue several times and know all of the best locations for pictures, the best place to set up their DJ equipment, the setup in the catering kitchen, etc.

You’ll still want to ask questions and do your homework on the vendors you’re considering from a set list. Do your own research to make sure they’ll be a good fit. The list will have multiple options in each category, but not so many that you feel overwhelmed.

You may also save some money when selecting from a preferred vendor list. Some vendors will offer a discounted rate if a couple has booked at a certain venue since they are already familiar with the space.

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You Get Reliable Professionals

Your venue wants to make sure you receive the best service possible. Their preferred vendor list is a curated collection of wedding professionals. Each of these pros have delivered great service and shown professionalism for their clients.

Vendors who have been to your venue already know the regulations and rules for that venue. There are no surprises, which means your event will run smoothly from start to finish. Choosing from a list also means you’re likely to select vendors who have worked with each other in the past, which means they probably work well as a team.

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Protection for You and Your Venue

Your venue and planner are protecting their clients and themselves by suggesting vendors they know and trust. They aren’t going to suggest a professional who has proven to be consistently unreliable in the past. Venues want high-quality pros at their location to ensure a great event experience for everyone involved. By choosing from a preferred list, you have the security of knowing you’ll be well taken care of and receive unparalleled service.

Using a venue’s preferred vendors also offers protection for your venue. For example, if a caterer not on the venue’s list provides bad food and unprofessional servers it can reflect poorly on the venue.

At Rosemont, our preferred vendor list includes multiple professionals under a variety of categories. We can recommend pros who will match your vision and budget and who offer unmatched service. To find out more about our wedding services and our awesome vendors contact us today.

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