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Crafting Your Registry

Photo courtesy of Molly Majher Photography

It is time to make your registry!! Yay!

Creating a registry provides a personalized list for your guests of what you and your fiancé need and desire for your home together. So, what do you put on there? Is there any etiquette you should follow?

First, remember to choose your needs first. What do you need for your kitchen? Oven mitts? How about an ice cream scooper? Any dish sets? Maybe an instant pot? Think about any small household appliances such as a standing lamp or a rug that you need for your living area or bedroom. How about a side table?

You want to make sure that your registry provides your guests with a price range. List several items ranging in price from under $10 to over $150 so that guests will not be limited in choosing a wedding gift for you in their budget.

Add some desired items as well that you do not need but that would make your new home with your spouse special. For instance, are there any card/board games you like to play together? How about your favorite movie series to watch together? Any pictures or imprinted words you would like to decorate your wall? Some guests will want to give you something sentimental, and this is a great way to give them that ability!

Checking out other registries for ideas is a great way to expand your registry. Also, remember to keep track of who purchases items from your registry so that you can write them a “thank you” note after the wedding. You want your wedding guests to know how much you appreciate their generosity, and that they contributed to making your new home your own!

Have any questions about how to create a registry? We would love to help! Reach out to our office at 540-955-2834, or email us at, and learn more about the wedding planning options our venue provides. Our wedding planners can be a big help navigating all the details of wedding planning—including registries!

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