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Do Not Despise Small Beginnings

Photo courtesy of Love and Grace Photography

“I want my wedding to be HUGE!”

“Glamour is key to a successful wedding.”

“I need to invite everybody to make my wedding day special.”

So many brides believe that their wedding cannot be the best day ever unless there is a huge celebration. We agree that grand celebrations are special! If you want your wedding to be big and grand, we say go for it! But, at Rosemont, we also want to encourage couples that having an intimate celebration is special, and provides an alternative to those couples who are stressed about budget, have complex family dynamics, or just want extended, personal time with their to-be spouse.

An elopement offers an intimate, fun alternative to a large-scale celebration. You and your spouse can have a private ceremony, or with a few close family members/friends, at your go-to date location, or maybe even where you first met! Alternatively, you could choose a historic site or a grand hotel to recite your vows—just the two of you! Your elopement ceremony can be followed by an intimate dinner, and then an evening in a nice hotel or cozy B&B.

At Historic Rosemont, we provide couples with the opportunity to elope at our stately, Virginia manor. You can recite your vows on our Grand Portico (just the two of you, or with a maximum of ten guests*), in our Grand Foyer, or on one of the many lawns that contribute to our 60-acre estate. We provide a complimentary bottle of champagne as well as a free stay in our honeymoon suite. Additionally, you also receive a homemade breakfast the next morning. We also provide an officiant, a bouquet for the bride, and a boutonnière for the groom.

Your wedding celebrates the covenant you have made with your other-half. A grand, small, or even just a celebration for two doesn’t change that.

*If you would like to invite more than ten guests, Rosemont also offers small, family wedding packages for up to 50 guests.


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