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Will You Elope with Me?

Photo courtesy of Maddie Kaye Photography

Eloping is the best way to save money and time, as well as bolster your emotional well-being during the engagement season.

While the more relaxed option of eloping sounds appealing to several brides, there are concerns. Will family members be upset? Will the wedding day feel less special than having a sizable celebration? How will close girlfriends feel if there isn’t a bridal party? Is eloping less romantic?

These are all great questions! First, family members need not be upset if you share with them that you and your fiancé want to escape the chaos of life and celebrate a special moment in your lives together. You just want to be able to make your wedding an intimate getaway as opposed to another event to plan! Also, you can suggest that they host a family party sometime after the wedding to allow for family and intimate friends to celebrate your marriage. Or, you can bring up to ten guests with Rosemont’s elopement package!

Second, eloping can be just as special and romantic as a full-blown wedding celebration. You can still wear the dress of your dreams as well as choose a beautiful venue location. At Rosemont, we offer elopement brides the option to have their ceremony either at the manor or the springs with no difference in cost. Additionally, we provide a complimentary bottle of champagne along with a bouquet for the bride and boutonniere for the groom!

The romance doesn’t end after your ceremony. Rosemont’s elopement package comes with a night stay in one of our presidential manor suites with homemade breakfast in the morning.

As to girlfriend bridal party concerns, you can have up to ten guests join you for the elopement! Bring along some close friends, have a bridesmaid or two, or celebrate your elopement with a girl’s night out a few weeks before or after!

Want to learn more about our elopement options? Give our office a call at 540.955.2834, or email us at to learn more and take advantage of our $500 off winter elopement special now through March 31st.

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