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Got Your Bridal Hairstyle?

One concern that I have found most vexing as a to-be bride is choosing my wedding day hairstyle. There are so many ideas on Pinterest, and several are stunning. There are the long hair down styles decorated with beaded jewels, the partial updos, the full updos, or the short curly flare look. Additionally, there are several braided styles! All of these options look beautiful, and it just seems a bit overwhelming to choose the right look.

It is important to choose the hairstyle that best suits your hair type as well as what will be most comfortable and durable on the big day. Asking my bridal hairstylist for advice has been a huge help in solidifying the perfect look for me!

Take a peek at some of the hairstyles our Rosemont brides have gone with!

Hair Stylists and Photographers: Photo 1 (Amanda Fiorita Hair LLC/Alyssa Faith Photography), Photo 2 (Darling Hair Co./Ridge and Ramble Photography), Photo 3 (Arrow Bella Weddings/Marie Elizabeth Photography), and Photos 4 and 5 (Boho Bridal Babe/Photo 4 Mikayla Thorn Photography).

Have more questions about planning a wedding, or already a Rosemont bride to-be in need of some ideas? Give our office a call at 540.955.2834, or email us at

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