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How to Find a Great Wedding Photographer

Molly Majher-one of Rosemont's preferred photographers

It can be daunting trying to find an amazing photographer for your wedding day. I have some suggestions for you!


There is so much that goes into photographing a wedding, and so many different parts to the day. Great wedding photographers are going to have a lot of experience shooting weddings, understanding the flow of the day, sticking to a timeline, and being flexible when things go off course a bit. It is crucial to choose a wedding photographer who knows what he or she is doing, and who can keep you calm.


Weddings combine many different genres of photography (portraiture, product photography, photojournalism, etc.) as well as different lighting and shooting situations. Wedding photographers need to know how to do it all!


One of the most important parts of choosing a wedding photographer is making sure that you love his or her style of shooting and editing. We generally hear terms like “light & airy,” “dark & moody,” “bright & colorful,” but there’s more to consider. Can you feel the emotion of an image? Do you like how he or she captures moments throughout the day and directs clients? Consider how you envision your wedding photos, and take time to see what style resonates with you.


So you know you’re looking out for a wedding photographer’s experience, skills, and style, but how do you see all that? View full wedding galleries! It’s so important that you view more than one full (real) wedding gallery before officially booking a wedding photographer. Wedding photographers tend to only share a handful of images from a wedding day on social media, but viewing full wedding galleries will help you see how the wedding photographer approaches covering a wedding day from start to finish.


I’m sure you’ve already done this with your vendors, but take time to read through their reviews to see what past clients are saying!


Lastly, make sure that communication is where you want it to be. Is the wedding photographer professional? Is he or she responding within a reasonable amount of time to your questions? Do you feel understood and cared for? Your wedding photographer is going to be by your side for the majority of your wedding day, so make sure that your personalities mesh well and that it’s someone you’re excited to spend your wedding day with!

I hope you found this list helpful! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram @MollyMajherPhotography, or on the contact form on my website

Happy wedding planning!

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