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Look Beyond the Music: Selecting Your DJ/MC

Rick Rohn with one of Rosemont's couples

Wedding DJs are a dime a dozen.

We range the gamut from longtime professionals to club disc jockeys who pack a dance floor every Saturday night. Music rarely sets us apart as most DJs/MCs have easy access to almost all the same tunes. While it is important that a DJ/MC knows how to read the crowd for the right music selection, a few other attributes can make your DJ/MC a “cut above” on your wedding day.

1) Stage Presence/Command of the Room

I always use the term “DJ/MC” because “DJ” is only half the role on wedding day. The other half, serving as master of ceremonies, is crucial to the success of your big day. Great wedding DJs/MCs use a combination of engaging personality, skillful timing, and a strong, clear speaking voice to take command of the room and lead you and your guests through a fun and smooth evening, all while keeping the focus on the bride and groom.

2) Organizational Skills

While you and your wedding planner typically formulate the itinerary for your reception, a skilled DJ/MC coordinates closely with both of you and your vendor team throughout the evening to keep your guests informed, and the reception running smoothly and on time.

3) Outstanding Communicator

Skilled wedding DJs/MCs are communicators, not only with your guests on wedding day, but with you and your fiancé from the first phone or email inquiry to the sparkler send off. Your DJ/MC should be prompt, thorough, and accessible throughout the process. When working with companies employing multiple DJs/MCs, make certain that the DJ/MC you work with throughout the planning process is actually the DJ/MC who will be there at the celebration. Relationships matter, and this one can make or break your big day.

Look beyond the music when selecting your perfect DJ/MC. Find a DJ/MC that takes command of the room, stays organized throughout the wedding planning process, and communicates effectively with you, your fiancé, and your other vendors.

Rick Rohn is the owner/operator of Rick Rohn Disc Jockey Productions, which is based out of Martinsburg, WV. He has been serving couples for forty-two years, and has been a regular at Rosemont since 2012. Check out Rick’s website to see if he could be the perfect DJ/MC for your big day!

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