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Why Overnight Accommodations?

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Weddings are not just stressful for the bride and groom.

Often, family members, especially the parents on either side, can feel tense and on edge the week of the wedding. The day before can be particularly stressful! The groom’s parents host the rehearsal dinner, while the bride’s parents finalize any last minute wedding arrangements as well as address last minute guest questions and cancellations.

It can be a huge help to family members as well as relatives from out of town if the bride and groom provide overnight accommodations at the wedding venue. Parents can rest easy knowing that elderly family members are on property and easily reachable. Additionally, parents do not need to figure out how to transport older family members from one spot to another. Having overnight accommodations on property takes off all of these major stressors for parents!

Additionally, brides can host their bridal party overnight! This is a great way to ensure that members of the bridal party arrive on time for the early morning prep as they just have to walk from one building to another.

Overnight accommodations on property also allow for drinking guests to be able to stay the night as opposed to driving home after the wedding. The bride and groom can also take advantage of the morning hours to spend intimate time with their family and friends who live out of town.

At Rosemont, brides have the option to rent up to three guest houses (housing for 50 people total) if hosting their wedding at the Springs, or an additional 11 guestrooms if booking their special day at the manor. Rosemont’s overnight lodging gives brides the option to have a destination-style wedding where their close family and friends can enjoy the wedding day without the stress of moving from one location to the other. Additionally, the bride can enjoy her wedding knowing that her guests are taken care of!

Want to learn more about hosting your wedding at Rosemont? Contact our office at 540.955.2834, or email us at to learn more about our packages and available dates. We are still booking for 2023!

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