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Your Wedding Day

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More and more couples choose to make pleasing guests the priority on their wedding day. Whether it be the food selection, alcohol options, or even the wedding date, couples worry about inconveniencing their guests. Unfortunately, this mindset can result in couples choosing to make their needs and desires less of a priority.

At Rosemont, we want our couples to know that there are many small ways in which you can make your guests feel special and valued. However, it is important to realize that it is your wedding day. The date, food, and details should meet your needs and desires as a couple first and foremost.

For instance, perhaps your budget is tighter but you want to host your wedding at a lovely venue. Consider booking a weekday! Weekday weddings are absolutely lovely, and provide you with a quiet, intimate day on property without the competition and bustle of a weekend date. The guests that value you both as a couple will do their utmost to be there. Taking a day off of work is a small sacrifice to pay to see those they love joining together for a lifetime.

Additionally, while plated meals provide an elegant feel to your wedding meal, choosing to go buffet style is a perfect way to give your wedding a more intimate, family feel and provide more cost-effective pricing for your budget.

Perhaps you have always dreamed of having your wedding in January or February, but you are worried that your guests will be too cold. At Rosemont, we can provide a heated space for both the ceremony and the reception without the need to worry about cold temperatures. Additionally, you and your spouse can take to the grounds for couple pictures so you both can still enjoy the outdoor experience, even if your guests prefer to stay indoors. Again, while the desires of your guests are valid, those who love you will weather cold to be at your special day.

As to small ways to make your guests feel valued, consider handwriting each of their names on a table favor and placing it at their seat. Or, if it is a cold day, provide a variety of warm beverage options as opposed to a large alcoholic drink selection. Additionally, you can also set up a time as the bride and groom to thank your guests for attending by making a point to stop by each table, even for two minutes, just to give a hug and say “thank you.” Your guests want to know you want them there. That is what really matters!

Interested in learning more about the wedding packages we offer? Check out our options, or call our office at 540.955.2834 to dive into the details of how we can host your special day!

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