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A Small World Love Story

Photo courtesy of Mirage Photography

A boy was born in the small town of Alexandria, Louisiana before he and his family made their way up the east coast to Maryland. There, the boy grew up.

A girl grew up in the same small town of Alexandria, Louisiana for a part of her childhood before her and her parents moved to Virginia.

30 years go by, and both she and the boy from this small town were adults struggling to find true love. They met online. It was scary to meet online, but it also warmed the woman’s heart to discover that the man messaging on the other side of the screen was from the same small town of Alexandria. The woman’s fear fell away when they met in person. Both of them never wanted to part. The woman’s neurodivergent brain left no room for nerves as she told the man boldly that they would marry.

The woman hasn’t been back to Alexandria in years, but the man from that same small town not only makes her feel superhuman, but gives her another reason to love the small world where she grew up.

Marie, the girl from the small Louisiana town, will be marrying the love of her life this summer at Rosemont.

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