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Husband Appreciation Day

Photo courtesy of Cecilie Olaussen Photography

Every now and then one of these random “national day” dates actually turns out to be pretty neat. Husband Appreciation Day, April 15th, is one of these dates.

As women in America, we are blessed with a great amount of recognition, whether it be through romantic holidays like Valentine’s Day, dating/marriage anniversaries, or planning our wedding. We are often the focus when it comes to these topics, especially all things wedding related. But, the truth is, especially as new or decades-long wives, we need to recognize and appreciate our husbands.

Our husbands support us, whether financially, emotionally, physically, or all of the above, and they often do so day-to-day without fanfare. Our country encourages men to support their wives and help them accomplish their dreams, and yet women are often not reminded to do the same for their husbands.

One thing I love about my husband is that he takes the time to text or call me every day during downtime at his workplace to see how my work day is going, and to just hear my voice. He knows I love that, and makes an effort to show me he cares.

Numerous friends of mine have husbands who are supporting them through recent childbirth, health concerns, job hunting, and mental health struggles. These husbands, mine among them, demonstrate their love in the small things and the big things. All of us would say they make life sweeter despite life's trials.

Husband Appreciation Day is not a day to celebrate your husband’s perfection. No husband is perfect. But, it is a day to recognize the special man in your life who makes sacrifices for you, whether big or small, to show you that he cares.

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