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DIY Wedding Ideas

Photo courtesy of Molly Majher Photography

Looking for steps you can take to make your special day more cost-effective? We have some ideas for you!

1. DIY Flower Options: or (great opportunity to have a pre-wedding flower party to arrange bouquets, or utilize your artistic friends to be your florists and decorate day-of!)

2. Have a dessert table as opposed to a large cake! Utilize a small cake for the cake cutting, and then provide your guests with the option to bring a homemade dessert to the wedding to allow for an extensive dessert table! This is also a great way to provide a variety of allergy-friendly options.

3. Find a venue that offers dates for outside catering! Outside catering as opposed to in-house does provide you with the option to find a caterer in your budget.

4. Bring your own alcohol! Book with a venue that will allow you to bring your own alcoholic drinks. You will save thousands of dollars as opposed to purchasing alcohol through the caterer of your choice.

5. Purchase your wedding dress from a boutique! This is a great way to buy a beautiful designer dress for under 1k. These are two of our favorite stores: and

6. Create a Spotify playlist of your favorite dance music, and ask a friend to MC as opposed to hiring a DJ!

7. Limit your guest count to family and those you know well. The whole word does not have the privilege of attending your special day, just those who have journeyed through life with you! This will help so much in cutting catering costs!

8. Make the send-off items the guest favors! Why not place a sparkler or tea candle at each seat for your guests to use during the send-off? Guests do not keep wedding favors, so why not use the wedding favor to your advantage?

9. Make your wedding unique by going with a low season date. Every bride goes for a fall or a summer wedding. Try something different! Venues often charge less for off-season dates, but still provide a gorgeous space for you to host your special day. You can take advantage of holiday décor, or early spring buds!

10. Ask your loved ones for help! Planning a wedding is a lot of work, and no one should do it alone. Your loved ones want to support you, and it will mean the world to them if you include them, even in a small way, in making your day the best day ever!

Want to learn more about how we can make your wedding day cost-effective? Call our office at 540.955.2834 to schedule a bridal tour, or talk with one of our staff members about hosting your wedding with us!

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