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Do the Next Thing with Confidence

Photo courtesy of Rachel Yearick Photography.

Wedding stress is very real.

The week before the wedding may seem like the most turbulent week of your life. Last minute changes come up, a guest gets COVID and the seating arrangements have to be revised, your mother-in-law keeps changing her mind about what to wear, or your mom keeps pestering you that you haven’t invited the right guests. You just want to sink onto your couch, close your eyes, and smell the roses again.

First, remember that your wedding is to celebrate you and your groom. Life is not perfect, and last minute changes often come up, but that does not mean your wedding will be a failure. Additionally, what issues seem big now, are temporary inconveniences. You will make it through!

Second, remember that you do not need to carry all the wedding planning on your shoulders. At Rosemont, we offer several wedding planning packages, starting with a thirty-day coordinator all the way up to a year-long coordinator who can help you craft and implement your special day. They will be a huge help the week before!

Third, designate tasks to those closest to you. Involve your fiancé, your bridesmaids, and those who want to be of help! Or, have loved ones be your way of resting from all the planning. Tell them you need stress relief, and let them provide outlets for you!

Take a deep breath, remember that you are marrying the love of your life, and do the next thing with confidence.

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