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Does Rain Have to Go Away?

Photo courtesy of Molly Majher Photography

Most brides want their wedding to be on a gorgeous, sunny day. No inclement weather.

While this is the goal, sometimes life happens and the rain or snow comes. So, what do you do to make your special day just as special?

First, you want to make sure that the wedding venue you choose has a plan for inclement weather. Rosemont’s venues offer several options should rain or snow come knocking.

At the Manor, you have the option to have your ceremony under the Grand Portico. This is a lovely alternative as it allows your guests to still be outside but under the protection of the portico. Additionally, you have the grandeur of the pillars all around you as well as the natural beauty of the estate lawns!

You also have the option to host both your ceremony and your reception inside the Carriage House. If you want everything inside, this is a perfect way to go. Your caterers can flip the ceremony area in time for the reception!

Our inclement weather plans do not stop there.

If you go with our Springs venue, you have the option of hosting your ceremony under the lanai and seating your guests in the barn. You also have the option to do everything in the barn—getting married in front of the fireplace is so cozy—and your caterers can flip the space for the reception while your guests enjoy the lanai area for their cocktail hour.

Want to learn more about our wedding venues? Give our office a call at 540.955.2834!


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