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Embrace your Shape

Photo courtesy of Molly Majher Photography

Big thanks to Michael Haymaker, Rosemont's Director of Weddings and Design, for his contribution to this blog post.

You know there are so many wedding dresses to choose from. You know there are tons of different kinds. You know time is ticking. But, you also know that you want the best dress for you.

So, how do you go about finding it?

First off, embrace your shape. Many brides commit to losing several pounds by their wedding day. This doesn’t usually happen! Preparing for your wedding is supposed to be exciting, and as stress-free as possible. Don’t burden yourself with weight goals just so you can fit a slimmer dress. Your husband-to-be loves you for you, not a particular body shape.

Choose a dress that will compliment your figure. If you are slim, consider mermaid/trumpet styles, or sheath! All of these dress styles hug your body, and enhance your slender shape.

If you have a curvy shape, explore A-lines. They draw attention to your hourglass figure, while flowing out at the bottom to provide a classy/romantic touch.

Check out A-lines and ball gowns if you are full-figured. Not only do A-lines and ball gowns present a classy/clean look, but they also provide your body with comfort and mobility on your special day. Consider the strap route as well! No worrying about feeling closed in, or too much toppling out. A-lines and ball gowns can be absolutely stunning, and so comfortable at the same time.

Looking for your special dress? Check out our preferred bridal vendors, Church Street Bridal and She Said Yes Boutique, to discover beautiful and cost-effective options.

Additionally, give our Director of Weddings and Design, Michael Haymaker, a ring at 540-955-2834, or email, to get his advice on anything related to wedding gowns. Michael is an expert! Or, better yet, let him be your wedding planner at Rosemont. ;)

Dress Style Samples

Top left to right: Trumpet/Carly Arnwine Photography, Ball gown/Molly Majher Photography

Bottom left to right: A-line/Molly Majher Photography, Mermaid/Molly Majher Photography


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