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Is the Rain Plan Option Subpar?

Photo courtesy of TLIC Media

Many brides dream of having their special day on a gorgeous summer/fall afternoon standing in front of a lovely outdoor scene, surrounded by family and friends basking in an ideal temperature.

There is nothing wrong with that dream! However, the weather does not always cooperate with our wedding vision, necessitating an inside alternative. But, is an indoor ceremony option subpar? It does not have to be.

At Rosemont, we understand that brides do not want just a rain plan but a good rain plan. Both of our venues provide excellent alternatives should the weather not cooperate.

At the manor, we provide two rain plan options for an outdoor ceremony. First, the bride and groom can be married under our Grand Portico, which provides coverage from rain/snow for over 100 guests. This alternative allows the couple to enjoy an outdoor feel without the inconvenience of battling the elements.

Alternatively, a Rosemont manor couple can choose to host both their ceremony and their reception inside of the adjacent Carriage House (which can hold up to 200 people). Caterers will flip the space during cocktail hour so that your ceremony location turns into a reception area seamlessly.

A bride at the Springs has two rain plan options as well! She can either be married in front of the stunning Virginia bluestone fireplace with Swarovski crystal chandeliers overhead, or under the lanai with guest seated into the barn. The latter alternative is an excellent way to keep an outdoor backdrop (we don’t want our couples and their guests to miss out on the gorgeous waterfall!!) while keeping everyone dry and comfortable.

Interested in touring one or both of our venues? Give our office a call at 540.955.2834, or email us at to schedule a tour!

Photos courtesy of Molly Majher Photography, Cecilie Olaussen Photography, Emma J Settle Photography, and Happy Finch Photography

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