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Purchasing the Smaller Things

Photo courtesy of Christy Koonts Photography

Your wedding is almost here!! You are at the point of finalizing the big details and purchasing the smaller things, such as the bridesmaid gifts and guest favors. However, you want these smaller gifts to be special and communicate to those you love that your special day would not be complete without them. So, what are some gift ideas? Here are some we found!


5. Give each of your girls a gift card to their favorite restaurant.

6. Visit a gift shop to see if you can find something for each bridesmaid, a gift that speaks to individual personalities and interests.

7. If your wedding is during the winter months, consider creating a small care package for each of your girls consisting of inexpensive hand warmers, hot chocolate packs, and even little snacks they can nibble on throughout the big day.

Guest Favors:

6. Consider having your florist set up a flower bar so that guests can pick their favorite flower to take home!

7. Package chocolates or homemade cookies/desserts for guests to take when they leave.

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