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The Day Before the Big Day

Photo courtesy of Klaire Dixius Photography

Your wedding is tomorrow!! The big day—the one you have been waiting for—is 24 hours away.

So, how do you spend the day before your wedding? Yes, there are small details to solidify, a rehearsal dinner to attend, and likely a group of special girls who want to make your last night as a single lady unforgettably fun.

But, the big question is: what are you doing for you? What are you doing to give yourself some calm and rest right before the biggest day of your life? We have some tips for you. ;)

  1. Get a massage!

The day before your wedding is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a professional masseuse. Your muscles are tight from all the planning and excitement. Take half-an-hour to an hour to just breathe, and let your body rest from all the wedding stress. This would even be a fun trip to do with your bridesmaids!

  1. Treat yourself to your favorite coffee shop in the morning.

Allow yourself an hour or two the morning before your big day to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee/tea while reading your favorite book, or just enjoying the smells and sounds around you. Maybe add some earbuds and soft music to the mix.

  1. Sleep In.

Another great option is to take the morning before your wedding to get some extra shut-eye. You are going to be up late for the next few days, so why not bask in some additional sleep? Take the morning slow, and enjoy a casual pace.

  1. Go for a walk in nature.

The outdoors provide an inviting ambience to take a few deep breaths, and allow your racing mind to think of something else besides the wedding. Contemplate the sweet memories you and your to-be spouse have shared so far, and be proud of how far you both have come! A walk in nature provides another great opportunity to bring those earbuds along, and stroll to your favorite tunes.

  1. Cuddle up in your favorite blanket, with your warm baked goodie, and watch your go-to show.

There is nothing more satisfying than snuggling under your favorite blanket. It is warm, calming, and super hard to leave! Take an hour or two the day before your wedding to intentionally rest, and enjoy a show that makes you smile. Indulging in a sweet makes the cuddling even better.

Happiest wedding, dear bride!

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