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Time for a Getaway

You have been in your office staring at your computer for the past eight hours sipping a cup of cold coffee.

You now pull up in your driveway and bite your lip in frustration as you see the front yard. The grass looks longer than when you left the house in the morning. You walk into the house, your stomach growling, and see a pile of mail on the coffee table. That lovely five-letter word jumps into your head: bills.

More work to do.

You go into the kitchen to kiss your wife, but she’s not around. The kids have swim practice tonight—again. You open the fridge to warm up a meal only to discover that there isn’t one. You bite your lip one more time, pull out a bag of chips and what’s left of the salsa, and sit down in front of the TV to watch a mediocre show. You dip a chip in the salsa only to discover that it’s really a jar of leftover tomato sauce.

You just want a break—a getaway from all the daily stressors.

You want to be able to sleep in for once, cuddle with your wife, and stop dreaming in your sleep about tomorrow’s to-do list. You just need a breather.

It is time to book a weekend getaway for exclusively you and your spouse. Come on out to Rosemont for a weekend this summer and stay in one of the manor rooms, or in one of our cozy guest houses. Enjoy homemade breakfast each morning of your stay, and bask in the tranquility of a getaway.

Additionally, we have several local attractions if you and your spouse would like to indulge in some adventure! Check out our list of activities in the area such as golfing, ballooning, hiking, and places to do some shopping.

We are offering special pricing now through Labor Day, so call our office today at 540-955-2834 to book your weekend stay!

The Kennedy-Manor

The Nixon-Manor

The Johnson-Manor

The Lindbergh-Manor

Hayes House Bedroom

Hayes House Bedroom

Hayes House Bedroom

The Byrd’s Nest

The Byrd’s Nest

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