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Wedding Weight

Photo courtesy of Glorianna Picini Photography

“I’m overwhelmed.”

It is the simplest sentence, and yet it carries so much weight for brides planning their big day.

We live in an ongoing pandemic, gas prices are through the roof, mental health struggles are high, and honestly wedding planning is overwhelming. It can be stressful at times to plan a wedding, let alone a lifetime with your fiancé, when everything seems too big to tackle.

You want your loved ones to be part of your special day, but you don’t want your grandmother, or your friend with multiple health concerns to be put at risk. You want your ceremony to be outside, but you are worried about bad weather. You need a caterer, but didn’t realize that set up and tear down are additional costs as well as linens and full staffing—not to mention that you are trying to stay within budget all at the same time.

So, you sink back in your chair, look down at your engagement ring, and feel your heart sink. You’re overwhelmed, and the pressure of planning the best day of your life just makes it worse.

Life’s stresses are real, and then add to that stress making the most cost-effective decisions on catering, ceremony location, and vendors. Emotions are everywhere when planning your wedding, but the encouraging truth is that you are not alone. Brides all over the world face the same concerns, and feel just as overwhelmed at times.

Let us come alongside you and help! Historic Rosemont has hosted hundreds of weddings over the past decade, and our staff would love to be able to help craft your special day—one that embraces the beauty of love, while at the same time meeting your needs and those of your guests.

At Rosemont, we contract with a full catering service that provides not only your food, but the linens, staff, tear down, set up, soft drinks, and kids meals—all included in the meal price! Additionally, both of our venues have the perfect contingency plans for rain or shine to make your special day the best no matter the weather. Rosemont also has wedding planners to alleviate the stress of planning your big day alone!

We care about our brides, and want every single one of them to know they are valued. We will do our utmost to ease your concerns, and create a safe and fun environment for you and your guests.

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