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What Truly Matters

Photo courtesy of Molly Majher Photography

In the midst of crazy planning and configuring your guest list and deciding what color napkins you want, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and to lose sight of what your wedding means. Planning your wedding is important. Making it special to you and your future spouse is necessary. But, the precious truth is that you and your loved one have chosen to commit for life. That is what really matters.

You have chosen to spend your life with someone who you desire to love through thick and thin. Even in the moments when you don’t feel romantic or when stress is high, your commitment to each other stands firm.

Remember that love is patient when you feel the headache coming on because the caterer has not responded to your email in a week. You get to experience that love and give that love to your future spouse! Remember that love is sacrificial when your wedding dress alterations keep falling short of the mark. Remember that love always hopes, even when your mother-in-law tries to take charge of the wedding planning. Remember that love never fails.

Beloved bride, through all the stressors of wedding planning, remember what truly matters.

Come, celebrate love with us at Historic Rosemont.

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