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Embracing Your Culture

Photo courtesy of Catch Motion Studio

We love when our couples incorporate cultural traditions on their special day.

August 15 marks the 75th anniversary of India’s independence from Great Britain. In light of this upcoming holiday, we want to highlight one of the several Indian weddings here at Historic Rosemont.

Aakanksha and her husband, Manish, married on June 23, 2018. Aakanksha remembers fondly when she and Manish were first introduced as husband and wife, and when they both greeted their guests during the cocktail hour on the Grand Portico of the Manor. There was a rainbow in the sky.

Aakanksha and Manish incorporated several Indian traditions into their special day. Manish rode on a white horse during the baraat, a processional of the groom’s family celebrating his coming marriage. Aakanksha and her husband exchanged flower garlands during the varmala (garland exchange), and chanted vows while circling seven times around a ceremonial fire under a covering called the mandap (a ritual referred to as the saat pheras). Incorporating Indian traditions into their wedding was Aakanksha and Manish’s way of taking part in their respective families’ struggles and triumphs.

Interested in hosting a cultural wedding? We would love to help craft your special day here at Rosemont!


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