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"I Love You."

Photo courtesy of Molly Majher Photography

It’s National “I Love You” Day!

“I love you” is a funny sentence. It rolls off the tongue when we are talking about our favorite meal, or when our significant other smothers us with sweet kisses. It is easy to say when we feel all warm inside, and when life mimics a secure shelter from all the chaos in the world.

But, “I love you” suddenly becomes hard to say when we just don’t feel it. It seems stuck in the back of our throat when our loved one fails us, or when chaos enters our lives.

The truth is that the meaning of “I love you” doesn’t change from day to day. Our feelings do.

Marriage is one of the sweetest gifts this life offers. Yet, there will be times when the warm feelings of the wedding day disappear. Your spouse will hurt you; and you will hurt them. But, the beautiful truth is that love does not depend on each another’s record of good behavior. You should marry a person who loves you with all their heart and wants to do life with you—not against you or by pushing you—but he or she will make mistakes along the way. It will not always be easy to say “I love you,” and yet the “I do” on your wedding day promises that you both will choose love regardless of what happens in the years ahead.

National “I Love You” Day doesn’t just mean we remember those we feel warm and fuzzy towards. It also provides a day to reflect on who we need to love, even if this is one of those not so fuzzy days.

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