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Writing the Best Wedding Vows

Photo courtesy of Vera Photography

It is the big day!

You are sitting on one of the bridal suite couches—your hair up in your favorite Pinterest, bridal hairstyle. Your bridesmaids chatter excitedly in the background, trying to eat snacks without spilling anything on their sheen dresses.

Only a few more hours to go before the ceremony—a few more hours before you say “I do” to the man you love most in the world.

And that is who you are trying to write vows to as you stare at the blank piece of paper before you. You find yourself full of thoughts, but no words. How much should you say? You want to convey how much you love him…but is it better to keep your vows short and simple, or is it okay to be a bit gushy?

Writing your vows can be stressful. You just want to say the right things. You want your about-to-be husband to know how dear he is to you, and you want your guests to know that as well.

So, what’s the secret to writing the best vows? Don’t overthink it, and share your heart.

What do you love most about the man you are marrying? Not just outward things, like his love for coffee or how he treats your animal friends, but how well he listens, how well he cares for you as a person, and what strengths he has that you wish you had. In what ways does he make you a better person? What have you learned from him?

Let the love of your life know that he is dear to your heart, and praise his strengths. Consider the promises you want to make to him, and remember that your vows are just that—promises. Your vows not only share your love, but declare before him and your guests that your love is forever.

Don’t overthink how you are saying it! What matters is what you are conveying through your words. Trust your gut, and let the words come as they are.

At Rosemont, we know that there are numerous details on a bride’s mind as she plans her big day, and then on THE day! Our wedding planners want to make your day as smooth and stress-free as possible. Call our office at 540-955-2834, or email, to learn how we can make your wedding day a seamless one.

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